Saturday, September 24, 2011


Now that we are officially enjoying Autumn, are you thinking of changing your hair color? Many women do. Here are a few tips complements of Fitness magazine for DIY hair color:

Stay in the same color family. If you are wanting to go to light blond from cherry red, forget it. "At-home kits don't have the strength to change hair that much," says Jason Backe, master colorist at Ted Gibson Salon in New York City. Pick a kit that's within one to two shades of your natural tone and look for one that's free of potentially damaging ammonia.

In between color procedures, treat your strands with a glossing treatment to give your hair a shiny, mirror-like effect.

Be sure to set a timer once you have applied the color product. A minute or two can make all the difference when it comes to coloring your hair.

And of course, if you're afraid of getting potentially scary at-home results, see a professional stylist. While it may not be the cheaper way to go, it may save your sanity :)

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