Thursday, April 21, 2011


Happy Shopping Day to me!

I NEVER win anything, nor do I ever get special deals like some of my friends, but today, my luck changed. During my hour lunch break, I stopped in Victoria's Secret to redeem three Secret Reward cards I received a month ago and have been carrying around in my wallet ever since. I filled my arms with as much adorable Pink lounge wear and VS Beauty products I could carry and proceeded to checkout. I knew I was far over my limit of what m cards would be worth, because let's face it, in the past they have always only been worth $10, so I was counting on getting $30 off my total. Well much to my surprise, my first reward was $50! Followed by two more $10 rewards, I saved $70!!!!

Thank you Victoria's Secret for (1) making my day, (2) producing some of the cutest lounge wear ever and (3) having such a fabulous summer makeup and tanning line. This is one HAPPY girl! :)

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