Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, it's been a whole year since this picture was taken and it's already time for the 2012 Warrior Dash!

Something tells me though that I am just not meant to run this race. Last year I sprained my ankle after the third obstacle and this year...well...I sprained my knee a week before the big event! Can you believe it?!

It continues to be a goal of mine to actually cross the finish line of the 3.11 Hellish mile course with no injuries, but this year is not my year. I am actually somewhat afraid of even registering for next year's race. But Warriors do not give up. I WILL conquer the course...some day...

Hey, at least I went into the hospital in style last year. I mean, how cool is that viking hat?! And this year I have a sweet wrap around my knee... :)

Good luck to my fellow JGA Vikings - may you take on the course with all your might and may you return home injury-free!

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