Monday, January 2, 2012


As you think about your New Year's resolutions and you set new goals for 2012, make sure to apply the SMART principle.

Goals must be specific. What is it that you want and what are the steps you are going to take to get you there?

Goals must be measurable. Don't just hope to lose weight. Tell yourself how much weight you want to lose. Don't just hope for more money. How much money do you want to be earning? When you set measurable goals, you'll be able to determine how successful you are in making those goals realities.

Goals must be attainable. Don't set yourself up for failure.

Goals must be realistic. Aim for realistic things that you can achieve if you put in the hard work that is necessary. Be prepared to work for your goals. Simply putting your hopes and dreams out into the universe isn't enough. You must be willing to work hard for the things you want.

Goals must be time-bound. I want to do/be/see/have_____ in "x" days/weeks/months. Fill in the "x" and stick to it.

Use a well thought out to-do list daily and refer to it often. When you see your goals written down, along with the small steps that you need to take to reach those goals, you'll constantly be reminded of the things you want and you won't ever lose sight of your goals.

Make 2012 your best year yet!

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